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Investing in yourself – It costs a shit ton of money to set yourself up as an enduro rider, and more so as a competitive one. Surprisingly even in today’s tough economic times and the high entry level cost of motor sport, you guys are still chasing your dreams of ripping up some dirt on a performance machine; and that my friend is why we salute you and why we want to help you achieve that dream. Dirt bike technology has advanced rapidly over the years and manufacturers are putting high performance machines under riders who all too often, let’s just say, are battling to match their talent with the performance of the horse. 

All things considered, it becomes obvious that after purchasing your equipment, investing in your own development as a rider would be the next logical step in your evolution. At a fraction of the cost of your initial outlay capital into the sport, the rewards you will gain from rider training will be one of the best investments you ever make. The benefits are numerous, from becoming a proficient rider to preventing rider injury and minimizing damage to your equipment. But most important is the reason you spent your hard earned money in the first place, which is ripping up some dirt and getting that stupid grin on your face. Other well documented benefits include lowering of stress levels, increased levels of fitness and a general pervasive feeling of being a badass. So invest in yourself, it’s the cheapest and best upgrade you will ever make.


The same philosophy applies in any sport. In order to get better and reach the next level of fitness or technical ability often takes input from an outside source. And that is all coaching really amounts to, it’s identifying an athletes weak points, analyzing them and then implementing a training strategy to strengthen them. Clearly it’s difficult to analyze ones self and even if you could you might not have the knowledge or experience to implement successful solutions. So that’s where I come in, we ride and I watch, we push and we test and then find ways to get smoother, ride harder and go bigger. There are many good riders in the world but they don’t all make good coaches. Coaching is not just being good at your specific sport or having a good understanding of the physics and theory, coaching is a lot about understanding and reading people, how they work and which style of learning best suits each individual.
My name is Jason Livingstone and I am a certified sports conditioning coach. From a young age I have pursued and become proficient in many sports that require high levels of balance, agility, strength and endurance. Training these four physical pillars as well as mental toughness is what my enduro coaching is based on. As an add-on I offer my clients recommendations and advice on fitness and nutrition which make up a substantial part of being a successful athlete.

After schooling in Cape Town I traveled abroad for 15 years exploring and working in extreme environments which taught me a lot about the psychology of endurance, pain and fatigue; to name just a few conditions you will get to know well in hard-enduro. Riding has been in my blood for as long as I can remember, no doubt passed down from my Uncle Ray Travers and Grandpa Travers who were a hardcore privateer race team at the Isle of Man TT’s during the 50’s. Naturally these old cats tell quixotic and intriguing stories to small grandchildren and so in the early years I grew up charging the cane roads and fire breaks of Eston; now 40 years later I still can’t get enough.

 After my travels I returned to South Africa and started to focus on hard enduro which was changing from its fast long distance roots to its current short extreme format. The combination of trials skills and off-road speed, mx techniques and long distance endurance mixed together to create hard-enduro was the most sensational style of riding imaginable to a terminal thrill-seeker. So here we are today, hard enduro enthusiasts who love to share their passion.


Entry level training is a skills intensive learning experience geared towards beginner riders and is designed to give you a solid foundation in all aspects of enduro. You can expect to come away with a good understanding of what it’s going to take to achieve your riding goals and a proper skills base to build on. We have a coaching methodology that makes learning fun, easy and is designed to build your knowledge and experience in a systematic way. We teach on the trail, analyze your mistakes and introduce the correct techniques immediately.  This style of learning allows you to immediately apply what you are learning and to store that information in your mind and muscle memory for later recall. Entry level training is a one or two day hands on “in the trenches” session. You can have it all-inclusive or self-catering. Expect to leave with a good understanding of what it’s going to take to become an enduro rider and possibly a few minor cuts and bruises. Foundation Enduro Techniques, The Five & a Half Controls, How To Catch A Monkey, Bike Setup, Riding Gear Considerations, Safety & Etiquette, Equipment Hacks, Basic Nutrition & Hydration.


Maybe you’re tired of being the guy everyone is waiting for on the out rides or have entered a few races and want to move yourself up in the results list. Maybe you would like to enter an extreme event and need to take your riding to the next level. Our intermediate training sessions are designed to bring you up to the caliber of comfortably finishing the bronze classes of events such as the ROOF OF AFRICA and the IMPI. The intermediate training program consists of a ten day course that can be done in two blocks of five days or spread out in two day sessions over three to twelve months.

There is an all-inclusive and a self-catering package available to riders and each package is custom designed to work around the schedule of the specific rider or group that is taking part. We turn up the heat a bit for intermediate training and riders will need to be goal orientated, have a basic level of GPP (general physical preparedness) have a basic technical skill-set on the bike and possess some degree of mental strength and endurance, commonly known in Africa as “vasbyte”. In this program we introduce methods of building enduro specific fitness and endurance using elements of periodization, polarized training and working both your core and peripheral endurance systems.

We start refining the use of the five controls, adjusting and learning techniques used for extreme climbs and down hills, off cambers, step-ups and step-downs. GPS and natural navigation, enhancing your mental game with regards to endurance and finally advise you on the basics of proper nutrition. As you can see there are many aspects covered in this program which is the reason we do the training in two blocks allowing you to take time in between to apply and train what you have learned. The recommended time for best results between training blocks is three to six months.


In order to do our expert rider training, you need to have finished our intermediate training program or have a silver class finish in a race like the ROA or IMPI. Our advanced program reinforces aspects from the intermediate training, organizes and balances your fitness and nutritional program, further refines your technical skills on and off the bike and gives you loads of lead time with the GPS.

Advanced rider training comes in three day all-inclusive or self-catering packages only. Of course for extended training you can repeat these as many times per year as you need. Our advanced rider training can also be structured in a way that will allow you to deliver a peak endurance performance at a specific time or for a specific race or event.